Newsletter Nov/Dec 2015


Welcome to beyond I.T. our customer edition.

First, we are proud to have been endorsed with a few industry awards this year. These include NetApp Innovation Awards 2015 (Pioneer Category), the Best Telecommunications Initiative for Nexon’s Agile Business Cloud (ABC) at the 2015 ARN Awards and the Outstanding Cloud Initiative at the NetApp Partner Awards.

You would be pleased to learn about the various press coverage that presented Nexon’s perspectives on cloud and managed services. To know more, also visit our Blog where we constantly bring you updated information.

Nexon and Praxa, part of Nexon Group, were at the Information Technology of Aged Care (ITAC) 2015 to speak with care service providers on how Nexon Absolute Aged Care could help them solve their business needs.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your continued support and wish you a safe and happy holiday season.

Nexon Group

Nexon endorsed with industry awards

We are honoured to be awarded with some industry accolades including Global NetApp Innovation and Partner Awards, as well as the 2015 ARN Awards.

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What we've done


Nexon Group was exhibiting at the Information Technology of Aged Care (ITAC) in November 2015. During the conference, we were glad to meet care service providers and discuss how Absolute Aged Care help them to make sense of their data, measure the quality of their care and make better business decisions. Learn more about Absolute Aged Care.

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Absolute Video

We have been running roundtables, the latest been the Nexon Absolute Video luncheon. Learn more about Absolute Video.

What's in the press

Read more about us in publications such as CRN, The Rust Report and The Australian.

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New on board

Find out more about some of our new members. We welcome Sonia Morales and Chad Veloso who are Regional Business Solutions Manager from Praxa. Please feel free to have a look on their LinkedIn profile for more details!

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Customer Spotlight

Our customer spotlight highlights the story of Dennis Wong, Operations Manager at Intrec Management who shares with us his experience on a successful server migration project with Nexon. Intrec Management specialises in commercial fitout, building refurbishment and construction management. “Just wanted to thank everyone involved on this project from the planning to implementation. We’re back at work this morning and up to now (10 am) not a single person has contacted either myself or Robb for support. That is a great sign and proof that the systems migration was very successful and no-one has been impacted. Thank you all”, Dennis Wong.

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Know more about us

In each edition, we introduce you to the people from Nexon group. Justin Bailey, Cloud Solution Consultant is spotlighted for this edition - Learn more about his passion for cloud.

  • Start date and role with Nexon:
    Cloud Solution Consultant since 2001
  • Favourite part of job:
    Working on solutions that change end-users' experience for the better.
  • What is your passion around cloud?
    Cloud is a great way to provide the platform for business transformation, integrating data and applications so that different parts of the business can work together more efficiently.
  • What is the next big thing about cloud?
    Cloud is going to become far more effective at giving us great insights into what is happening with in our organisations and the interactions with our clients and partners.

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